Kampong News

6 October 2016: As some of you may have already known, we are changing our shipping methods from Registered Mail to SmartPac. As SmartPac has different weight categorisation, it may appear that our shipping fees have increased, However, we would like to reassure you that they have not. What SmartPac does is to streamline the weight categories from 5 in Registered mail to 3 in Smartpac and SmartPac allows us to send heavier packages at the same price as Registered Mail. The freecotton coupon code is still on. How to use them here

16 Sept 2016: For a limited time, the “next day shipping” option will become “same day evening” delivery between 6-10pm if your order comes in before 3pm the same day.

26 Aug 2016: We realised that the coupon system is a little wonky so we came up with a step by step guide on how to utilise those coupons


Kanthal Wire - 100ft
LG HG2 IMR18650

LG HG2 IMR18650



SS316L Clapton Wire
Clapton Wire - 15ft